Why Hire Ladybird Garden Designs?

Ladybird Garden Designs will personally meet with you to discuss your needs and wishes and look at the site. Using the Design Process, there are many opportunities to discuss options and ensure that the Final Design is the one you love.

Many factors are looked at, such as:

  • The client’s needs, wishes and budget;
  • The desired function of the new garden design;
  • The size and environment of the property, and the house and environment;
  • Positive and negative views and focal points, and privacy or weather screening needed;
  • All-season interest and attracting birds and butterflies with native plants;
  • The size and condition of existing structures and plants;
  • Maintenance requirements.

A professionally designed landscape utilizes your garden space better, enhances the attractive features while reducing the impact of unattractive aspects, and increases the value of your property. The right plants will be used in the right location to ensure the health and vigour of your garden.

Ladybird Garden Designs horticulturalists have the plant knowledge necessary to take care of and maintain your gardens and plants, outdoors and indoors.

After photo of the back garden
After photo of the back garden