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"I had been putting off creating a garden space because I thought it would be a lot of work. Margot Byers made the process so effortless and I now have a gorgeous back and front yard". 

~ Maryann McDonald

"My garden has many mature trees and lots of shade. Ladybird Garden Design created walkways, a patio and a design that gave my garden a better flow and privacy. The plants chosen were suited to the environment and added much needed colour! I was very impressed with Margot’s horticultural knowledge, especially her knowledge of native plants, and I would highly recommend Ladybird’s services to anyone". 

~ Michael Coen


Design Process

Introduction and Initial Meeting

At the first meeting on-site, Ladybird Garden Designs will discuss your needs and wishes for your garden and will help create a “Wish List.” Allow yourself to think about all the items you would like in your garden — big or small.

Site Inventory and Analysis

A Site Inventory and Analysis is an important step and looks at the property, and existing structures and plants. During this stage, there are a number of key elements the designer will take note of, such as:

  • The property and house measurements, and location and size of all doors and windows;
  • Any property slopes or grading;
  • Location, size and condition of any existing structures or trees and shrubs;
  • Plant health and what plants will remain, be removed or be relocated;
  • Site environment (soil, sun or shade, moisture), prevailing winds, views from and into the property.
  • Lots of photographs will be taken to ensure we have all the information needed.

Preliminary Design

Using the “Wish List” and the Site Inventory and Analysis, a to-scale, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Preliminary Design will be created. This is a plan view (bird’s eye view) of the new Landscape Design which provides location and general information of any hardscape (patio, walkways, fencing, etc.) or softscape items (gardens, plants, etc.).

Final Design

The to-scale, CAD Final Design is created from changes to the Preliminary Design and will show specific hardscape materials used for patio, walkways, fences, etc., and the location, name, number and size of plants used.  The Final Design can be created in black and white or colour drawings.

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