Garden Consulting

Ladybird Garden Designs will consult with you at your property about the possibilities for your garden, your wishes and needs, plant care (pruning, dividing, pests or diseases, etc.), plant location and plant maintenance. The cost of this service is $75 per hour.  If a landscape is needed, the cost of the initial consultation will be included in the design fee.

Landscape Design

Using the Design Process, Ladybird Garden Design will conduct an on-site consultation with you about your wishes and needs, and an on-site analysis of your existing garden and structures. You will receive a fully labeled, to scale, AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Design) final design as well as a plant list. A sample drawing is found below. The cost of this service varies depending on the size of the property and the details of the project. 

Sample Design Drawing

Ladybird Garden Designs sample drawing

Garden Knowledge

After the Landscape Design has been installed, Ladybird Garden Designs will provide a one hour post-installation consultation with you and a digital plant information booklet to ensure you are knowledgeable about the future care of your new, beautiful garden. This is included in the Design Fee.

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Pink flowers
Purple flowers