Homemade Weed Control

Margot Byers - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There are a number of homemade remedies for weed control, but most are non-selective, which means it will also kill or cause leaf die-back on nearby desirable plants, so use carefully. read more...

Photo Galleries - Private Residences

Backyard Shade Garden

This was a very shady back garden and grass did not grow well. We removed the grass and created a woodland garden with a path, which the clients love.  Here are some before and after photos.

Front Garden

A new front entrance was recently added to this house and a new front porch, walkway and garden was needed.  The clients love their new garden and enjoy their front patio.  Here are some before and after photos.

Stone Steps

The original flagstone steps were deteriorating and becoming dangerous.  A new, more welcoming front entrance and garden was needed in this shady property.  The new front porch and steps were designed and built with a combination of natural stone and paving stones.  Here are some before and after photos.

Front Garden and Back Patio

The clients had completely renovated their house and needed the gardens, walkways and patios to be redesigned.  Some of the existing plants that were in good shape were reused in the new garden. Here are some before and after photos.

Before Front GardenBefore Back Garden

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